Back Office

Ada SIS Backoffice designed and developed with all advanced features that cater the needs of our clients. This solution offers rich-featured and unparalleled performance, possessing the ability to effortlessly calculate millions of transaction.

Key Features:

  • Electronic Data transfer from TESA/VECTOR trading software
  • Electronic Data transfer form VEDAS – CDBL software (BOID, Settlement transfer charges, Custodian charges, IPO issue, Bonus/ Right, Demate shares etc.)
  • Client information as per DSE/CSE/SEC rules
  • Client list report with BOID as per DSE/CSE/SEC rules
  • Trading order report from –TESA with list
  • Trading confirmation note
  • Details with client receivable / payable
  • Short Confirmation –with rate summery
  • Short Confirmation – with rate average
  • Client Ledger :
      » Details
      » Short
      » Concise
  • Client Share ledger –Script (Normal), and CDBL (with free/saleable)
  • Daily share transaction report
  • Shares payable to DSE/CSE
  • Share receivable from DSE/CSE
  • DSE Amount (Payable - receivable from DSE)
  • Pay-Out share (CDBL) item
  • Pay-In share (CDBL) item
  • Client Ledger Balance
  • Amount payable to Client (free/ Matured balance)
  • Amount receivable from Client
  • Daily transaction report with Commission, Howla, Laga and TAX
  • Monthly / yearly transaction report with Commission, Howla, Laga and TAX
  • Free share and taka balance
  • Share entry/ Edit
  • Share Receipt/ Delivery bill report
  • Share inventory report
  • Single / Multiple clients
  • Instrument wise all client share report
  • Single Instrument all client
  • Single instrument transaction - all client
  • Expenses report
  • Expenses Ledger
  • Automatic Pay-In and Pay-Out form for CDBL TP
  • Pay in transfer form automatically filled up form
  • Other CDBL charge report -client wise
  • Export client limit to TESA
  • Daily entry checking
  • Single share all client trading
  • Multiple client selection report (Share and Taka)
  • Client share valuation at current market price
  • In house all share free and total balance
  • Trader work station wise commission report
  • Trader wise commission report
  • Share delivery and receipt list
  • Share ledger client wise
  • Share details with IPO, Bonus/Right, Demate buy, sale, receipt and delivery
  • Daily DPA6 (Share reconciliation) checking with Back office
  • Daily DPA77,DPA78,DPA79 and DPA80 Checking with back office
  • Free share balance with costing
  • Tax Report for investor
  • Investor Port folio statement
  • Auto voucher and Cheque Print

Merchant Banking:

  • Daily transaction and settlement with merchant bank
  • Payable & receivable statement (Taka/ Share)
  • Daily share transaction reports (Details/ summarize)
  • Master Ledger
  • Master Confirmation and many more ... ...

Branch Management:

  • Fully Online system between Head office and branch (In side or out side of Dhaka)
  • Branch entry (Client’s Taka Receive entry)
  • Branch wise Client’s Receivable-Payable Report
  • Branch wise all client Share balance report
  • Branch wise transaction report and many more ... ...

Accounts Database:

  • Ease of chart of account – Entry / Level creation
  • Ease of entry
  • Financial Ledger report – Account wise / Level wise:
      » Ledger Report
      » Account Head – Rent Advance
      » Level wise – on non posting head - Current Assets
  • Trial Balance – Head wise / Level wise – Details – (ALL or Branch Wise)
  • Income Statement – Head wise / Level wise (All or Branch Wise)
  • Balance Sheet – Head wise /Level wise (All or Branch Wise)
  • Trial Balance summery – Date range (All or Branch Wise)
  • General Ledger (All or Branch Wise)
  • Voucher wise transaction report
  • Cheque Register – Issued cheque List / Receipt Cheque List – date range reporting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • High net worth report top XX (flexible 20/30 etc.) – order by net worth / equity
  • Void cheque Entry – Issued cheque returned by client – with reporting –(list of refund cheque)
  • Dishonored cheque Entry – Cheque receipt from client with dishonored Charges - with reporting (list of dishonored cheque)

Margin Rule:

  • Cash/Margin Account
  • Alert for additional margin
  • Alert for force sale
  • Set margin limit
  • Set alert limit
  • Set margin interest rate)
  • Margin interest calculate and charging
  • Margin accounts balance report
  • Margin requirement report
  • Warning and force amount report
  • Margin Exposure Report
  • Margin Interest ledger
  • Service Charges application and ledger for cash/margin client

Auto Pay in Pay out System:

Our Pay in - pay out is very high-speed system which will be completed (Accept & Approve) with in few seconds

For Clients:

  • Free Share Balance report
  • Date range transaction ledger report
  • Daily Confirmation etc
  • Port-folio statement
  • On line Trading System
  • Real time price ticker
  • On line BO Open with modification
  • Auto news update
  • Gainer/Loser data with graph

For Managerial Report:

  • Receipt/ Payment List of taka and share
  • Earnings reports
  • Clients status
  • Daily in house transaction report
  • DSE receivable or payable reports etc

Cell phone SMS system:

  • Client’s Share balance
  • Client’s Ledger balance
  • Client’s daily confirmation etc.