Merchant Bank

Merchant Bank prepared for automatedthe transaction of the client and company.

Key Features:

Security Module - Create, Edit &Update the privileges to secure the transactions.

User Module - Create,Edit & Update users.

Transaction Security - Facilitate to Create, Edit and Update the privileges for each user to maintain the Data security.

Transactional Module - Designed an efficient Database to store the transaction history.A friendly environment is provided to Insert, Edit and Update transactions.

Portfolio Management Module - Can preserve the daily transaction and the costing of the investment. Provide historical and updated portfolios which can help to take decision on the new investment.

Banker to the Issue module - It helps you to find how many financial institutions are involved in the and the module will also help to maintain the calculation of collection of IPO.


Issue Management

Client & Company business and transactional functionality - A historical overview of the Client and company businesstransaction can be found.

Accounting/Financial Module - Will help to monitor the accounting related issues like Monitor all sorts of receive/payment, Monitor the Status (Honor/Dishonor/Reject) of Cash/Cheques etc.

Customer Service reporting - Can generate Client investment decision related, transactional related and miscellaneous report.

Management reporting - Designed some reports to monitor the client transactions, accounting transactions from the top of the management.

Profit/Loss reporting - Client/Company profit loss statement can be generated as per supplied date or time duration.

Accounting Report - All sorts of vouchers,Trial Balance, Profit/Loss statement,Accounting ledgers, Bank Statement, Balance sheet can be generated.

Other reporting as customized by the company

E-mail Module - Sent email to the clients to inform them about their daily transaction. Company also can sent customized email to the client.

Web module - Web page can show the Capital market data, Market News, Company News, Company Services and other informational pages. A company can also provide transactional services to the client.