Real Estate - Sales and Marketing Module

Real Estate solution prepared for automatedthe transaction of the client and company.

Key Features:

Security Module - Create, Edit &Update the privileges to secure the transactions.

User Module - Create,Edit & Update users.

Transaction Security - Facilitate to Create, Edit and Update the privileges for each user to maintain the Data security.

Transactional Module - Designed an efficient Database to store the transaction history.A friendly environment is provided to Insert, Edit and Update transactions.

Project Creation - Can createand modify new/existing project of the company. Company can define Block,Sector,Road,Plot and Flat under the individual Project.

Plot/Flat Reservation Facilities - No. of Plot/Flat of individual project can be reserved for priority client by the company's management.

Client Creation - Facilitated to create, Edit and Update Client information's.

Create Nominee - One or nominee can be added and modified for an individual client.

Partnership Facilities - A Plot/Flat can be bought with partnership facility.

Plot/Flat Sale Single/Multiple - Single/Multiple Plot/Flat can be sold to an individual or partnership client.

File Cancel,Re-Open and Ownership transfer - A file of Plot/Flat can be canceled Re-opened (as per company decision). The ownership of the file also can be transferred according to the decision of the company.

Installment Schedule Creation (Auto/Manually) - A complex calculation of installment of a plot/Flat can be made for a client. It can be made automatically or can be done manually what the company wants.

Re-Scheduling Facilities - A scheduled Plot/Flat can be re-scheduled due to some changes of policies of the company.

Other Cost Setup and Payment Head Setup - Company can setup some heads to charge on the client account.

Money Received/Payment - An amount can be deposited to the client code as well as the payment can be made from the client account. Accordingly the money receipt can be generated automatically.

Cash/Cheque Status - The module will help to monitor the status of the received/paid cash/cheque, whether it is Honoured/Dishonoured/Cancelled.