Software Application Migration and Modernization

Modernizing legacy software applications for improved efficiency, performance, and usability

AdaSoft provides software application migration services that help businesses stay current and competitive. Even though the software applications that your business has used for many years may be working fine, legacy application modernization will increase their efficiency, performance, and usability.

Why Software Application Migration

We understand that software application migration, modernization or transformation can be a daunting challenge, but with AdaSoft as your technology partner, software application migration and application modernization can become an exciting opportunity. Even if a software application is working well,software application migration may be important to ensure usability, performance, and stability. Business may undertake legacy software application modernization or transformation for following reasons:

  • Moving off of unsupported technology versions
  • Stabilizing and sustaining business critical software applications
  • Realizing efficiency gains with the use of latest technologies
  • Being able to add new functionality with the use of advanced capabilities of a technology platform
  • Improving application performance and usability with software application migration
  • Savings from the difficulty and expense associated with maintaining older technology
  • Staying competitive and gaining market share with software application modernization
AdaSoft Software Application Migration Services

AdaSoft is experienced in all forms of custom legacy system migration, software application migration, and legacy application modernization. We understand that retention of core functionality and successful migration of old data are usually primary concerns when it comes to software application migration.

We provide the following software migration and application modernization services independently or combined as needed:

  • Modernizing application and infrastructure
  • Application migration to a different technology platform and database
  • Application upgrade to a newer version of technology platform
  • Database migration
  • UI redesign and application modernization
  • Software application migration assessment and planning

AdaSoft offers software application migration and application modernization services across a wide variety of technology platforms. Our experience with many older, tested technologies as well as expertise with the latest technologies enable us to understand your current systems and deliver an optimum solution for software application migration and modernization.

Advantage of AdaSoft Software Migration Services
  • We can analyze your current software infrastructure and suggest the application modernization changes that best meet your needs, business processes, and goals
  • Our experienced it consulting team makes recommendations for software application modernization that come from our years of real world experience, knowledge of industry trends, and a genuine desire to help you succeed
  • With our extensive experience in legacy environments, we have provided comprehensive software application migration and application modernization strategies for clients across a broad range of industries
  • By applying innovative technology solutions, AdaSoft helps improve the performance of your business and reduce your application development and maintenance costs

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your software application migration orapplication modernization needs.